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September 24, 2005
Shaare Tefila Congregation


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Torah Service Ki Tavo




Opening ark & passing down the torah Eli Werner, Robert Weiser, Mark Weiser Grandfathers and Father
Cohen Congregation  
Levy Sydney Phillips Great, Great Uncle
3rd Eli Werner Grandfather
4th Robert Weiser Grandfather
5th Ted Wigdor Friend
6th Larry Weiser Uncle
7th Sheldon Werner Uncle
8th Sari Weiser Sister
9th Jason Yudcovitch Friend
10th Mark Weiser Father
Maftir Gary Weiser Bar Mitzvah
Lift the torah Max Kantzer Friend
Cover the torah Patricia Greene Friend
Prayer for country Reisa Werner Aunt
Prayer for Israel Michael Binder Friend
Prayer for Peace Simone Wind Exchange Guest
Carry torah Lee Rothblatt Cousin
Open ark Mitchell Gross Friend