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Welcome to My Site!!!! Stay Tune For Music! It's Aerosmith's Jaded. On each page there is a new song so take a few minutes to listen to some of my favorite music . Enjoy!!

Hi! Check out my site. Thanks for Visiting my site! Glad you could visit!!!!

Photo Album-

Waiting for pictures to add. For Now check out school photos. Sry deleted all the camp ones w/ no plan to put them back up. But I'm Brining My Camera to the tourament, so i'll take more pics!

Hebrew School

Hi Aaron, Sarah, Eric, Dara, and everyone else. See U guys every Sunday.


Hi School Friends! Softball is over now on to finals and winter break. Which is very kewl!


Hi TKA BUDDIES! Tournament is on!!! Prelim comming up! Go Saud And Adam and ( JEEZ I don't know who else is testing, o well). Camp is gonna be ahrd go around this year! May be I'll Be testing By Then. W/ alot of help from Ray and Junior! Can't Wait to c ur guys!!!!
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